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Asaya Ka Luxa : 3rd Edition - Paper Back

Asaya Ka Luxa : 3rd Edition - Paper Back

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Asaya Ka Luxa 3rd Edition - Paperback

  • 374pgs
  • Full Color
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Through many systems of spirituality and religion, there have been many paths created by man seeking something outside of themselves that is higher than themselves. This led to worshiping gods and ideologies that have humans giving away their power and energy. Spirituality needs a psychological approach that blends both the eastern and western systems into a unified practice of Self Realization. Mending meditation and occult practice together. This process should bring self-awareness at a soul level and understand the true power you possess.

Enlightenment is the grand goal of spirituality. It is a great plan for humans to wake up to their true selves at a soul level and connect to who they really are. This realization is not just enough, knowing yourself at such a deep level comes with a sense of responsibility to become better. Aligning yourself to the higher aspects of yourself and raising your thoughts, emotions, and physical body to higher states. In many practices, there is no guide on how to do this but rather watered-down ideas and practices.

If you could know yourself at the deepest levels, would you?

Asaya Ka Luxa is a treatise on a cosmological viewpoint of the self and how to obtain a connection to one’s oversoul and Kryst conscious levels of one’s own soul personality. Based on the author's personal lifetime(s) of research and spiritual practice, this practice blends a Tibetan meditation style practice with western occult philosophies. This connection to these practices is based on the author’s research and spiritual inner plane connection to what is called “The Council of Light”.

Written in 3 Parts it is broken into:

Gnosis - 
This goes in depth to reflect on expanded concepts of the self and your relationship to what people would call “god”. A cosmological explanation expounds on creation, the Angelic Hierarchy, the Energy Body levels, the “physical” Energy Centers, and more. This gives a large understanding of the self and how the mind creates reality on many levels and forms.  

Practical application of occult meditation - 
Through various breathing exercises and visualizations, the reader is shown how to utilize various techniques on how to become more aware of themselves on an energetic level and create deep releases to past attachments. Strong “psychic” protections are explained and a daily ritual is given to set the reader onto a path of self-realization. 

Ritual practice for soul ascension - 
Using ceremonial style ritual the reader learns how to apply advanced visualizations and meditations on how to connect to the lower aspects of yourself and the higher aspects of yourself, aiding one to shine a light on the dark side of themselves and better understand themselves on an emotional and psychological level. This, the treatise says, is how to connect to various levels of frequency and as you do this you take on traits of those levels.

Asaya Ka Luxa is the first writing of many by the author, which if utilized will aid someone on their spiritual path no matter what religion one may be a part of. A color glossary and dream dictionary are included to help aid in the work. This is not just a book, but rather a Handbook and Workbook to be utilized again and again.

Table of Contents:



Section 1 – Gnosis                                                  

 The Creation of the Soul                          

Oversoul the higher and lower self                      

Kryst Consciousness                   

The Tree of Light – Katara Angelic                     

The 7 Physical Energy Centers               

  • The root
  • The Sacral
  • The Solar Plexus
  • The Heart
  • The Throat
  • The Pineal Gland
  • The Crown
  • Spinning The centers
  • The Etheric Colors and the E.M.F Spectrum

The Angelic Hierarchy

  • The Cherubim
  • The Seraphim
  • The Thrones
  • The Principalities
  • The powers
  • The Virtues
  • The Dominions
  • The Angels
  • The Archangels

Section 2–Practical Application of Occult Meditation

Occult Meditation

Daily ritual

Focus and Breath

  • Exercise 1: Central Channel Breathing
  • Exercise 2: 20 Breaths
  • Exercise 3: Breathing in the elements
  • Exercise 4: Pore Breathing
  • Exercise 5: Anchoring in the green Ray
  • Exercise 6: Alternate Yogic Breathing

Psychic Protection

  • Violet Egg
  • Merkava Star
  • Arcturian Grid

Energy Body Awareness

  • Energy Ball Movement
  • Strengthening Will
  • Aura Expanding
  • Green Cleansing

Release Work

  • Violet Balloon
  • Violet Fire of Transmutation
  • Golden Altar of Sacrifice
  • Personal and Inter-personal forgiveness

DNA and the Etheric Blueprint

  • Intoning the Etheric DNA
  • Tuning the Central Channel
  • Activating DNA information

Section 3 – Ritual practice for Soul Ascension

  Application of Ritual

  • Circle of Protection
  • Invocation of the Cardinal Directions
  • Ritual Supplies
  • Draconian Frequency
  • Lyran Frequency
  • God Connection
  • Activation of the Antah-karana
  • Crown of God
  • Telepathy – How to Connect


  • Conscious Nutrition
  • Gematria
  • Latin letters and vibrations
  • Color Glossary
  • Dream Dictionary
  • Glossary of terms



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