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Azazya'il : The Book of the Fallen - Hardcover

Azazya'il : The Book of the Fallen - Hardcover

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Azazya’il, also known as Azazil/Azazel, is one of the most misunderstood Angels in Abrahamic Lore. Considered an Angel to many followers and doctrines but yet ostracized as a demon and often Satan itself. The scapegoat, which has lead man astray since the creation of Adam. 

Using Arabic ABJD and personal rituals, this book shows a deeper side to Angel Azazya’il. Using advanced analysis, remote viewing, magic squares, and circles, Azazya’il is shown like never before. Breaking down the name itself we find the energy and attributes behind the name and see Azazya’il for who and what the Angel really is. 

Although a personal working from the author, in essence this book is co-written with Azazya’il and intended to give the information to the adept who wishes to make contact, giving the tools so one may do it themselves. 

Written to challenge the beliefs and stories of Azazya’il, The book of the Fallen is to show the truths and fallacy’s, clearing the name of an Angel who fell for service. 
  • - Hardcover
  • - 136 Pgs
  • - 6x9


  • Introduction
  • Malak Azazya’il
  • The Fallen One, Iblis
  • The Spheres of Influence – Anatomy of Azazya’il
    • Saturn
    •  Jupiter
    • Distillation of the Names – Jupiter
    • The Sun
    • Distillation of the Names – The Sun
  • Sigils of Azazya’il
    • Directional
    • Elemental
    • Emanation
    • Portal of Azazya’il
    • Channeling and Telepathic Relay
  • Ritual and Power Items
  • The Black Mirror of Azazya’il
    • Placement and Meditation
  • Reclaiming the Throne
  • 10 Laws of the self – A message from a Master
  • 10 Aspects of the Law of One
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