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The Violet Gateway

*Coming soon* Zakael : The Oracle - Paperback

*Coming soon* Zakael : The Oracle - Paperback

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Coming September 2022!

As a companion book for the Zakael Oracle cards, Zakael: The Oracle dives into the use and methodology of the "keys". Every symbol is explored and details on how to use them in a Meditative Practice, along with their integration into the mirror of Zakael.

Although the making of the mirror of Zakael is not explored in this volume the Symbols and their meanings are expanded upon and how they are used within Readings and Ritual settings.

Examples of how to use them as divination and card spreads are included to guide the aspirant in learning how to utilize the cards with the mirror. If one does not have the cards or the mirror, the meditative practices are still powerful without the physical tools and utilizes the strongest tool one has... Their Mind.

Featuring never released Sigils for 9 Arch-angelic Functions including the 7 Main Archangels.

  • Paper Back
  • Approx 120pgs
  • Size : 6x9



The Black Mirror of Zakael

Zakael – ET Or Angelic

  • ETi Angelic Entities

The Keys to the Gateway

              The 52 Keys

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire

The 5 Complex Keys

The 9 Angelic Keys

The Sigil Wheel

Opening the Gates

Meditation and anchoring in the Archetypes

Example Spreads and Gateways

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