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Esoteric Nutrition

Esoteric Nutrition

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Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of an esoteric/occult practice. Food and the minerals which they contain can drastically effect someones energy body along with their physical body.

Most practitioners overlook this very important detail within their practice. The old saying "you are what you eat" holds true when understanding it at the occult lens. The energy of the different foods work like alchemy in composing a proper working vessel for the energy bodies to connect and operate through. A cleaner more balanced system is much easier to relay the energetic encodings.

This reading is done by scanning the name and the energetic body along with taking physical information such as height, weight, age, and daily activity levels. By using this information it high lights key areas and these energies are looked into.

The scan shows which areas and which foods would be of best benefit along with the ritual of eating itself, such as When to eat, and sometimes how to eat and what to do before hand, making food and the act of giving your body nutrition and sustenance becomes a living ritual and tradition within your life.

Because the body is a machine it needs the proper oil and lubricants within the body to run to optimum levels, much like a race needs the best gasoline to perform at max performance. This is just the same when it comes to occult practice.

This personalized plan gives you 8 weeks of nutrition guidance by a Certified Nutritionist with the proper foods and ritual Etiquette to perform for the highest vibration and invocation while partaking in the forgotten ritual of sitting and breaking bread.

Using advanced cosmological grids and a letter based gematria system the proper energies and spirits are distilled which are tied to the foods energies which instill the body with the proper energies to fulfill the task of cleanses impurities and creating a healthy, balanced, and oxygenated environment.

This is not a weight loss plan, although this may happen due to proper nutrition, but the over all goal is higher vibrations and raising the bodies vibration and health into higher levels of being.

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