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Katara Overlay : Advanced Astral Body Configuration

Katara Overlay : Advanced Astral Body Configuration

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This advanced reading goes to the very depth of the soul personality and gives you advanced meditations and visualizations to apply. Being “invasive” the individuals energy body is scanned and a large report given based on the information seen.

The Katara Overlay is done energetically from the Over-soul level and is overlaid upon the individuals Astral Body allowing these symbols to move into the subtle levels of the energy body bringing change and healing on ones path.

By entering a high state of projection an individuals astral body is worked on and within this high state of projection the astral body is shown in layers upon what is best to be described as "screens" much like computer monitors which show the energetic and "vitals" of the astral body and soul personality. The negative and detrimental symbols and energy found within the astral body is then distilled out and transferred to a Power Object which the energy is held within it. This object becomes a talisman for the individual to use to over come those lower aspects.

The Katara overlay is then placed over the Astral Body with letters and symbols which enhance and solidify the astral body and repairs any holes or tears it once had. The astral body being rid of all the detrimental energies is then encased within this formation like a crystal and these symbols slowly inset into the individuals sub-consciousness, coming into the conscious mind through meditative work and dreaming.

As these (unique to you) symbols embed and move into the subtle layers of the energy body, blockages and mind patterns start to correct and bring balance to the over all soul personality of the individual. This is a very advanced and strong energy healing which is based on the Report of the 3 Levels of consciousness and base frequency of the soul personality. This overlay onto the energy body will also be hand drawn on thick Parchment paper showing the tree of light, the symbols utilized and where these symbols were used. Signed and sigilized.

The DNA Unlock sequence is a unique “code” specific to you which unlocks DNA information within the soul personality. It is explained in depth on how to apply and use such a tool. The Consecrated Meditation Grid is used as a meditative tool much like a Mandala. Meditation upon this as directed within the report, brings strong energetic effects to help aid in the anchoring of the Tree of Light overlay. This is to aid with the process of over all healing of the energy body and overall blockages that the soul personality may have. Hand Drawn on thick parchment, signed and sigilized.

Health and Diet advice is given for physical body health which will help make positive and healthy change. The energy body is fully scanned and any potential health issues are addressed if any are seen ; or how to help alleviate current ailments or health issues.

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