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Krystala Healing - Level 1

Krystala Healing - Level 1

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This course on an advanced Healing method accesses higher energetic pathways to bring forward into the practitioner energetic field when working healing at a distance or hands-on. Using color, symbols, tones, and acupuncture-based applications you will learn the LVL 1 initiations of accessing this powerful and rare methodology in Energy Healing. 

Level 1 Requirments: 

  • Have previous experience in meditation and proven application of focal points in meditation.
  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge of the Chakra System and its moveable placements
  • Etheric and Astral Body awareness activated
  • Lyran Frequency Experience and or Anchoring 
  • Have a working set of Shadow Letters and Symbols (optional)
  • Ability to Lucid Dream or leave your body with intent. (not fully required) 

Completion and proven success in this methodology is certified under the Lyran Council of Light (LCL) Inner Plane Mystery School. Certification of Completion is awarded with proven application and understanding of the inner workings of the Krystala Healing method. This certification allows one to also practice within their profession and give credence to the methods utilized in their field of work. 

Lvl 1 Course Length - 3 - 6 Months for completion
Class 1 - Intro To Energy Healing
Class 2 - Anatomy and Biology of the Physical Body
Class 3- Etheric and Astral Body Anatomy
Class 4 - Katara Overlay template and its Points 
Class 5 - Application of Light, Symbols, Tones and their use in healing
Class 6 - Radionics and technology grids
Class 7 - Antennas 
Class 8 - Distant and Hands on Healing
Class 9 - Assembledge Points and programming of the Etheric Body 
Class 10 - Scanning and Reading the Energetic Feild
Class 11 - Cleansing risidual energy
Class 12 - The Circle, Square, and Triangle in its use in healing evocation

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