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The Violet Gateway

Zakael Oracle Cards - Limited to 100

Zakael Oracle Cards - Limited to 100

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Pre Orders finished. Please allow 1 week for production upon order.

The Zakael Oracle features all 52 symbols featured in the book "Zakael: The stargate of Kryst". These symbols act as energetic points within the cosmos and are found around the mirror of zakael.

When the book was written, this oracle came to life after many rituals and communications with Zakael. It was shown that through the use of the cards and the mirror one was able to triangulate on specific frequency patterns and geometry within the mirror allowing one to interact through divination and communication.

Much like tarot the cards are drawn and displayed for the reader to gaze upon but the Zakael oracle uses the cards as keys to the mirror, and sigils and glyphs will be formed within the mirror to be used in meditation and visualization work. Strengthening energetic focus and mental ability used within occult and psychic practice. 

A powerful divination tool with spirit communication allows one to read the mental and emotional patterns of a person rather than an astral psychic perception often found with tarot. The Zakael Oracle is an oracle of the mind and how the mental process forms the energetic sequences into the astral for manifestation.

Made from the highest quality material and printing the cards come housed in a Tin box. Tin is the metal of Jupiter and because the Zakael Mirror is a corridor to Jupiter, Tin had to be utilized for proper energetic housing. 

What one Receives -

  • 68 Quality Superior Smooth Cards with a Gloss Finish
  • 13 - Air Cards
  • 13 - Earth Cards
  • 13 - Water Cards
  • 13 - Fire Cards
  • 5 - Master Keys
  • 9 - Archangelic Keys
  • 1 - Zakael Mirror Card (showing the glyphs around the mirror)
  • 1 - Gateway Sigil card
  • Gold Gilt Edges and Full-color printing
  • Custom Tin Box

This is a Pre Order Phase that lasts from July 1st - July 31st. This is a 1-month pre-order and is only limited to 100 Prints.

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