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Qi'Qo'Zal Divination Spirit Board

Qi'Qo'Zal Divination Spirit Board

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 The process to make them will start after it is purchased. Each design takes well over 2 weeks to make and consecrate, and only 1 can be made at a time, so please be patient as these take a lot of time to create. 

Pendulums have long been used for divination, and as a subtle energy tool to assist in giving answers. Another practice is using the pendulum as a means to learn how to control and move energy, sending subtle energetic impulses to mentally move the pendulum and practice various mental energy techniques. This practice takes a calm and receptive mind and is a powerful means of spirit contact, divination, and mental ability training.

This is a 1 of a Kind Hand Made Set and is made specifically to be tuned to the individual using it. This process ties you to the board as an operator for direct communication using your full name. This item is gridded to you directly using gematria and Geometry.

You will Receive -

Hand Drawn Divination Grid

This grid is hand drawn in charcoal and then sealed with archival ink, which will hold the design in place if it is to become wet. The English Alphabet is shown, along with the Gematria representations based upon the information in the appendix of Asaya Ka Luxa. The inner design is geometrically created to clear and direct the energy of the pendulum into the direct center, allow the symbols to assist energetically in balancing the energy while using it.

Outside of the central geometry, are yes and no markers for basic questions, along with alternative means of answers to assist in questioning. The cardinal directions are listed to assist in elemental and direction magic and questions.

All of the central design is encased in archetypal script which seals the energy of the grid, and the outside is then encased in the names of 8 Archangels whose energy encircles the grid itself.

This all together creates a strong and powerful means to divination which locks the energy of the grid so the user can get the best and truest answers.

The grid is placed in a frame and sealed with glass on the front for protection. The frame allows easy access to take the grid out if you choose. Behind the grid is sealed and a vortex is created using magnetic and electrical fluid inks to open the gateways to the spirits.

The Grid is made on thick 12"x12" parchment style paper.

The Pendulum -

This piece is made out of brass and is made to be very heavy, creating a dead weight to keep it steady and not easily moved by light force. The pendulum comes apart, and inside is a special blend of incense which is precisely tuned for divination, along with crushed AAA Grade Amethyst. The incense blend is tuned to the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) and is created for balance, the crushed AAA Grade Amethyst represents the 5th element of Spirit and is included to create the synergistic effect of spirit guiding the elements of creation. Inside the pendulum also resides a sigilized piece of real parchment with the 4 archangels of the cardinal directions. This is to embed these energies into assisting in receiving balance answers.

A Hand Made box is Included for storage of the pendulum and clearing bag, this is also Sigilized and energetically made to house the pendulum when not in use.

Each Pendulum and Grid are energetically tied to each other and created together.

Making these are a timely process, Please allow up to 1 month for the creation of both the Grid and the Pendulum. Pendulum comes in Clearing Bag for storage and clearing after use.

Each Piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

*Grid shown is NOT the grid you will be receiving, the grid is very similar but is updated from the original. Grid pictured is to show likeness*

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