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The Lilith Collection - Carnelian and Bone Bracelet (#1 of 4)

The Lilith Collection - Carnelian and Bone Bracelet (#1 of 4)

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Lilith is a female energy that is often found in Mesopotamian and Judaic religions. Often times she is depicted as a Demon although she was Adam's first wife. In this lore, she was banished from Eden for not obeying Adam.

Over centuries Lilith has been worked with spiritually by women to bring power and confidence to themselves. Although her energy is often heavier for a Man, the man who honors the goddess and worships the feminine energy will also feel the power and confidence she brings into one's field.

These Bracelets are made in ritual with Lilith to bring not only elegance but the proper energies in alignment with not only the patterns but the materials chosen. 

#1 of 4 (shown here)

Measuring 7.25" it has a double elastic chord and will fit larger frames but also be comfortable and loose for those with smaller frames. (if you need a different size, please relay your size)

Materials -

  • REAL "AAA" Carnelian
  • Goat Horn
  • Ox Bone
  • Gold Filled

What you receive -

  • Handmade real Carnelian and Bone bracelet (design #1 of 4 in the collection)
  • Custom Sigilized Box with Black Mirror Inside - Anchored to Lilith
  • Activated Magic Square of Lilith on fine German Frankfurt Paper (used in ritual)
  • A small vial of Incense used for the spirit
  • A Small Vial of ritual water created during the ritual
  • Instructions on Use and Activation

The first in the collection will come with a Custom Sigilized box with a ritually created and activated Magic Square to Lilith and her proper planetary and elemental properties. It is intended that the wearer utilize this piece when they are in need of more assertive confidence and want to ignite their field with passion and intensity.

This object is energetically tied to Lilith and the Sigilized box comes with a small Black mirror inside of it to use as a scrying and invocation tool. This is not just a piece of jewelry but a full magical Operation that anchors the spirit and the spirit's attributes into a Power Object used for personal use. Everything is handmade. The box is hand sanded and Stained and many herbs and oils are used in this process. The box is engraved by hand and sigilized.

Because this is a Full Magical operation for every piece the wearer must understand what the presence of Lilith can bring and do proper research into the mythology of a very powerful Goddess with many spirits surrounding her.

This is a Hand Made Item* please allow up to 1 week for creation before shipping.

*box shown is only an example, Box is similar but each one is unique and the Color may differ slightly.*

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