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Zakael Oracle Scan

Zakael Oracle Scan

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The Oracle of Zakael was birthed while writing the manuscript for Zakael: The Stargate of Kryst. Through the original Zakael workings which lead to the first book a powerful oracle system connected through Black Mirror Workings using the Black Mirror of Zakael which works as an energetic gateway into the Jupiter corridor between Jupiter and Saturn.

​The reading itself employs working with the mirror for inserting the symbols that are drawn during the reading. These symbols that are pulled (much like tarot) are inserted into the Black Mirror and activated within the energetic double zone of the mirror.

Through this process, a Sigil is birthed which represents the symbols that were originally drawn in the card pull. This sigil is the conglomeration of all the archetypes that were shown. This powerful sigil acts as a generator to activate and install into the energy body of the individual which will help them with any emotional, mental, or energetic imbalances that are shown within the reading.

Every symbol found within the Zakael Oracle represents an energetic pattern that is found within the Mind. These energetic patterns have a direct effect on someone's attention and this energetic process of the sigil and archetypes start to insert into the subconscious mind of the individual to align them to the desired effect or outcome of a situation.

​During the reading and scrying session, a handwritten/drawn report and "Scanning" sheet are created which acts as an interface in bringing out what is being seen within the mirror.

​This reading can be done for direct desires or requests and is very powerful for the overall energetic scan of where a person's emotional and mental bodies are focused upon allowing one to see a large picture of what underlying patterns are behind their direct experience, whether positive or negative.

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