Archangel Sarafiaya'il

Archangel Sarafiaya'il

Archangel Sarafiaya'il (صرفيائيل) is also known as Zadkiel (צָדְקִיאֵל) in the Hebrew magical systems and is the ruler of Jupiter and the day of Thursday. The function of Sarafiaya'il is that of status and is often seen with shimmering royal blue and Gold robed like light emanations surrounding a large and immensely tall frame. One could easily argue that Sarafiaya'il is a complete different angel then Zadkiel and this would be a highly valid argument. I would agree that they are two differing angels just because of the names vibrational characters and gematria being different. Although, we will say that they are congruent in status and have shared the same throne.Although in lore they are considered one and the same. We will point out that this is based on lazy research and distortions within the older workings.

Considered the Righteousness of God and the "Covering of God". Sarafiaya'ils true form is rather inhuman, and no archangel truly takes on a human formation. They are pure energy and often in visions it is the mind that starts to meld the images into a more tangible understanding. One who has the Third eye fully awakened will see Sarafiaya'il s true form in communion, Jupiter being the center of the third eye.

The Middle of Sarafiaya'ils manifestation was bright silver which was near blinding while the vibrant royal blues and golds emanated and circled around like a torus field which gave the illusion of wings. A very tall strong looking energy which had balls of white light spinning around like a vehicle.

Like other volumes of these articles we will distill the properties through the name of the Angel and using its root letters understand its energy more than what is typically understood about a spirit. This will help clear up confusion and distortions if and when communicating with this intelligence. The angelic (Yayl, (يايل - ئيل) or Ya'il) will be added to the squares and sigils to wrap in the angelic polarity.

ل ي ا ي ا ي ف ر ص
30 10 1 10 1 10 80 200 90


Gematria: Root = 381

Full = 432

Emanation: Light and Lighter, with 1 part darker.
Elements: 2x Fire, 2 x Earth, 1x Water
Directions: Primary West, Secondary East.
Planetary: Venus, Mars, Saturn
Day: Thursday / Jupiter
Colors: Royal blue, Gold, Green
Functions: Destruction of things to never come, Oaths, Contracts, Populating of ideas. Feminine energy, Love, Adversity, Releasing of Ideas and concepts. Higher Vampyrism, Overseas inner structure of man, Absorbs negative intent, Blood Sorcery, repels malefica. Oversees behavioral patterns and resurrection, new beginnings.
Energy Centers: Solar Plexus, Throat, Crown
External Energetic Points: Left knee, Left Hand, Forehead.
Jinn King: Shamhurash (شمهورش)
Other Names: Zakaiel, Zadkael, Serafyaiel. Sachiel.
Hebrew: צָדְקִיאֵל
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