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Conversations with Sekhet explores the nature of reality through the lens of an ancient race which predates human incarnations on Earth and who assisted in Babylonian and Pre-Dynasty Egypt civilizations mystery schools. Through Telepathic Relay (not to be confused with Channeling) many questions about the nature of reality, spiritual and metaphysical practice, healing, galactic history and more are explored within its timeless pages.

Estimated Release Date: August 2024

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  • Blown away

    "I was blown away by the Frequency Scan reading that I received. It explained things to me that made me feel rather uncomfortable because of
    the accuracy. The meditations have really calmed my anxious energy and the more I apply them the more "in-tune" I feel to myself"

    - Sara

  • Occult Meditation Class

    "Jons intro to occult meditation class gave me my first taste of Lucid Dreaming and astral travel. Not only did he go through the normal course work of Asaya ka Luxa but he took the time to
    focus on my goals and help in other areas that I was intrigued by."

    - Scott L.

    Intro to Occult Meditation 
  • Amazing Classes

    "I've been a long time follower of Vermilions work since his old website and workshops over a decade ago. He has always been ahead of the times when it comes to occult practice. The blend of many cultures and philosophies give credit to his own spirits that work with him. ETs and the occult?! Not many dare to even touch the subject..."

    - R.K.

    Classes and Workshops