Classes and Workshops

Esoteric and Metaphyiscal classes to enhance your personal spiritual practice.

Intro to Occult Meditation

During this three-week course, spanning one day per week, participants will learn occult meditation techniques and how to utilize the human energy field. The teachings offered will intricately explore the transformative practices outlined in the text, Asaya Ka Luxa, providing invaluable insights and techniques for spiritual advancement.

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Esoteric Mechanics

A challenging and immersive 4-week course designed to uncover the
intricacies of meditation across various layers of consciousness.
Through this intensive program, participants will cultivate a heightened
sense of focus and concentration essential for visualization—a
foundational aspect often overlooked in Magical Practice.

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Esoteric Symbols and Alphabets

Through this 6-Week course you will learn the meditative and spiritual processes of Symbols and Alphabets and how to utilize them to create your own system of letters using meditation and black mirror work.

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Esoteric Gematria & Magic Squares

While mentally challenging, this program extends the boundaries of thought through mathematical exploration. Proficiency in mathematics is not a prerequisite, as the methods employed transcend mere calculations, instead Gematria reveals intricate patterns of creation that harnesses the precision of numbers and Letters.

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