Archangel Mikaya'il

Archangel Mikaya'il

Archangel Mikaya'il (ميكائيل) also known as Archangel Michael is one of the most misunderstood Arch-angelic functions within the ruling angels. Because it is so often used many false masks have been made within the astral plane copying or portraying the spirit of Archangel Michael. This is often hard for people to grasp and conceptualize but the astral plane is fed through the emotional body and it is this that bleeds into the astral layers for manifestation. The astral is filled with many entities parading around as others, just trying to feel and interact with the astral levels closest to the physical reality.

It is no different with Archangel Michael. Because of this, we will be using the name Mikaya'il which is the proper vibration for the angels name and reflects the proper energies of the functions of the Archangel. Archangels are not spirits as many think. Spirit typically has personality and feeling behind it. When we are discussing Archangels we are going beyond personality and into a function of God rather than a personality aspect related to spirit.

In most lore Mikaya'il goes to battle with Satan and wars against the adversary. The adversary and satan often being depicted as a Dragon or Serpent. This is showing the link to the Draconian Energies.

Archangel Mikaya'il was one of the first and "he who is like God". Many accounts of contact with Archangel Michael is the form of a Lion or being shown with a lion to his side. The lion symbolizing the Lyran energies as Archangel Mikaya'il was part of the formation of the Lyran and Draconian fusion of energies. There will be more on the "lyran and draco war" in further articles.

Past all the history and worship of an Archangel which later turned to a Saint in Catholic beliefs, we will take a look at the name and the gematria which makes the spirits name. Here we will find the direct energetic lines of the spirit and know the emanations for which they really come from. This gives a practitioner the power to utilize the functions of the Archangels in a more precise manner than following blind traditions that have covered the original teachings in the darkness of history long forgotten. 

We will use the root letters with no angelic suffix for the breakdown, although the angelic suffix will be added for the squares and sigils.

ل ي ا ي ا ك ي م
30 10 1 10 1 20 10 40


Gematria: Root Letters = (ميكا) 71

Full (ميكائيل) = 122

Emanation: 1/2 Light, 1/2 Lighter. Equal Higher and Lower aspects of Light. 

Elements: 2 x Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Equal parts all Elements with expanded Fire.

Directions: East

Planetary: Sun and Mars

Day: Wednesday / Sphere of Mercury

Colors: Gold, Red, Purple/Violet in use of planetary mercury.

Functions: Access to higher domes of consciousness, Spiritual Authority and Authoritative energy, Honor, Psychic Clarity, operation assistance in magic. Repels the profane. Can be used with blood sorcery, protection against hatred and malefic energy. Merging of Realities and Mental Manipulation, Prosperity and Abundance. Regulation of the energy body. Higher angelic.

Energy Centers: Heart and Throat

External energetic points: Upper right thigh / Right knee sector, Left hand, wrist to shoulder. 

Jinn King: Al Bor'qan (بورقان) The two thunders

Other names associated: Michael, Mikael, Mikal

Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל


Magic Square of Mikaya'il through Mars. When roping in the name through a planetary energy the planets energy has effect. This square should be used to enhance the protective and war like aspects of Mikaya'il. Most of the letters in the name are also Mars letters. Square Sum = 122


The Magic Square of Mikaya'il through the Sun. Mikaya'il is a solar entity and the letter Miim ( م ) is the start of the solar letters. The 6x6 of the sun houses both the demonic and angelic intelligence of a spirit and this gives you a full a pure aspect of Mikaya'il. In some lore, Mikaya'il is purely solar, but as we see the mars aspects are also shared and so is Mercury. Mercury is the planetary energy that Mikaya'il oversees. Although often these energies will change and different planets come under their control. Mercury being physically closest to the Sun we can see how these too can have effect on each other just based on physical Loci. Square Sum = 122


The Magic Square of Mikaya'il from Mercury. The day of Wednesday.  For Mikaya'ils name to fit into the ruling planet of Mercury we have to go higher up into the Domes of consciousness and create a full 360 into the higher domes of spirits. Because of this Mikaya'ils number is 482 when before it was 122. This way Mikaya'il can be distilled and roped in through the planet of mercury and house him. In some regards because of this the Square of the Sun (the 6x6) could also be considered the ruling planet, and this is where a lot of back and forth happens with Mikaya'il and what planets he has dominion over. When in reality, it is both. Mercury is great for communication and bringing forth action through intelligence. This will enhance these aspects of Mikaya'il and the functions associated. Square Sum = 482


Emanation Sigil of Archangel Mikaya'il


Elemental sigil of Archangel Mikaya'il


Directional Sigil for Archangel Mikaya'il


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