Archangel Samsamaya'il

Archangel Samsamaya'il

Archangel Samael (Arabic :سمسمائيل ) is an angel found in Hebrew and Arabic Lore and is often seen as the adversary, the seducer, and the Destroyer of Sins. In most cases Samael is considered a Fallen Angel. An Archangel pertains to a specific function of consciousness and harnesses specific energy within the energetic pathways of the mind. Samael is looked at as the "king of all Shaitans" or Satans, being a type of lower "evil" entity than that of god. Those who lead astray from god. This can be seen also in spirits such as Iblis and Azaziel.

"In the last heaven Moses saw two angels, each five hundred parasangs in height, forged out of chains of black fire and red fire, the angels Af, "Anger", and Hemah, "Wrath", whom God created at the beginning of the world, to execute His will. Moses was disquieted when he looked upon them, but Metatron embraced him, and said, "Moses, Moses, thou favorite of God, fear not, and be not terrified," and Moses became calm. There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes. "This one," said Metatron, addressing Moses, "is Samael, who takes the soul away from man." "Whither goes he now?" asked Moses, and Metatron replied, "To fetch the soul of Job the pious." Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, "O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel." - Apocrypha

In all traditions you will find common links but we are going to rip apart the lore by using Gematria and the Arabic name سمسمائيل to understand the energy behind the spirit and their name and how to properly apply it in your practice. We will base on corresponding information on the ROOT letters of the name and not its angelic Suffix. Knowing the corresponding and connecting parts of the spirits name shows what and who the spirit is. Through this knowledge one can see the dissection of the spirit. Although, within the square and Sigils the Angelic Suffix is taken into consideration. Please Review the Angelic and Demonic Suffix information here (coming soon...). Adding the Angelic Suffix denotes the Angelic level of the Root energies.

L Y  A Y A M S M S
ل ي  ا ي ا م س م س
30 10  1 10 1 40 60 40 60


Gematria: Root Letters - Samsama (سمسما)= 201

Full : Samsamaya'il (سمسمائيل) = 252

Emanation: Light, Lighter
Elements: 3 x Fire, 2 x Air
Directions: NE Primary, NW Secondary
Planetary: Sun and Saturn
Colors: Gold, Black, and Red
Day: Tuesday, Day of Mars
Functions: Vampyrism, heightening of Physical and spiritual senses. Storing of non physical energy, Accessing of higher Gnosis and Consciousness, Spiritual Authority, Honor, Psychic Clarity, Protection, Magical operation. Stems from the original Source of creation and anchors manifestation, Assists and Rules Behavioral Patterns by the mental aspect of fire and the thought aspect of Air. Love and higher awareness. High Temperament and Logical.
Energy Centers: Heart and Crown
External Energetic Points: Right knee/Thigh, Forehead
Jinn King: Al Ahmar (الاحمر; The Red One)
Other names associated: Samael, Samiel
Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל The Venom/Poison of God

Square of Samsamaya'il / Samael. Planet Saturn, First Location of descension. Crown and Forehead energetic points. Saturnian energies. Letters: Alif (ا ) Sum of Square = 252


Square of Samsamaya'il / Samael . Planet of  Mars, The Day of Tuesday. Mars Influence. Please note, the day energy and the Letters that make the name are not the same. Working with Samael on Tuesday through Mars brings on the Mars energies and the spirits energies being pulled through Mars as an energetic hinging point. Square Sum = 252


Square of Samsamaya'il / Samael. Planet of the Sun, Solar Energy. Samsamaya'ils (Samael) purest energy.  Letters: Siin (س ) and Miim ( م ).



Emanation Sigil - Light and Lighter Emanation


Elemental Sigil - Fire/Air


Directional Sigil - Primarily NE, Secondary NW.



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