10 Aspects of the Law of One

10 Aspects of the Law of One

The law of one is the original spiritual “Law” which states that all things are one and stem from the infinite mind of god. It states that all things are interconnected and that beyond the illusion of separation exists a central point of oneness.

There are 10 aspects of the law of one, which reflect the 10 aspects of god shared in the book Asaya Ka Luxa and will again be shared within in this one, as it is important information to be understood.

These aspects are rather statements of the self, statements of the law of one, and the self reflection from this One source of creation, god, Allah, The universal mind, or whatever you may want to name it. These statements can be read daily, and are used as a meditation to affirm the self, embedding them into your sub conscious as a form of affirmation, setting forth first thought and intent, and from here taking the proper steps in your life to align these with your creation.

The Law of one in essence states -

All the Power and knowledge in the universe both manifest and un-manifest is here within the eternal now.

These 10 aspects of the law of one show resemblance within the Kabbalah Tree of Life and mirror the 10 Sepheroth which are shown on the tree itself, followed by the 22 pathways connecting them. These 22 pathways represent the 10 aspects and the 12 frequencies in totality of the mind of God. (10+12=22).

These 10 Laws, reflect the 10 aspects of God and puts the self as an affirmative mind pattern on each of these levels. These statements bring your mind into the truths of self and alignment with the reality of the self as god. Through this, these affirmative decrees put forth the proper vibrational thought forms to deeper understand and work with the workings within these pages.

Reciting these daily, and allowing them to become a meditation will anchor them as mental patterns into your subconscious and connect you deeper to the truths of yourself.

I am the center of the circle, I am the expression of Experience. My will alone eternally creates the universe.

Through my intent and  thoughts, this power and wisdom takes form.

I am filled with awareness of this perfect law, and I am guided along that path of salvation.

From this limitless substance, I receive all things needed, both material and spiritual.

I am aware of the manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in all aspects of my life.

In all things, the macro-cosmic and the micro-cosmic, I see the beauty in all of creation.

Living from this internal will, I am supported by the infinite wisdom and understanding that I am the Victorious One.

I look forward with confidence in the realization of the Eternal Illumination of the Limitless Light for which I am a part.

In my thoughts, words, and deeds, I devote my life to the foundation of Eternal Being.

The Kingdom of God is Embodied within my Flesh.
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