Ishtar and the Archetects

Ishtar and the Archetects

Time: Start of Fall, September 2010

Contact with the being I know as Ishtar "Mother of the Architects"

After several nights of intense lucid dreaming, I laid down to not attempt anything and to stay in my body. I laid in bed and began to rest with simple breathing exercises, just centering myself and moving my consciousness into my center. I started to drift off to a deeply restful state of "no mind" and then drifted off to deep sleep.

I was awoken by what felt to be a vibration around my body. I was face-first in my bed which was unusual as this is not my normal position in sleeping. I typically sleep on my right side, with my right hand under the right side of my head which is very conducive to dreaming. I could not move a single muscle or open my eyes. I was in a total state of paralysis but not a fearful state as one may usually be in during a state of paralysis.

Although I could not move I could see in my head a full 360 view of my room although this was only behind closed eyes, it was as vivid as if my eyes were open. Inside my room was filled with what looked to be a smokey mist with a blue and green light emanating through it. I could see 5 beings standing around my bed in what seemed to be a specific pattern with their hands outstretched to me. I noticed particularly it was their right hands as their left hands lay beside their slender bodies.

I could not even utter a single word or phrase and I wanted to scream. I could only scream inside of myself and knew it was not coming out physically. This scream was only confusion and I was becoming more confused and frightened as they stood there holding me down by some telekinetic force. As I demanded they show themselves I continued to fight and try to move and demand they stop.

In the middle of the 5 stood a much taller Feminine, very slender, and Beautiful being. Completely inhuman yet had humanoid features such as a head, 2 arms, 2 legs, and typically bipedal in nature. Although the body was very slender. Its feminine shape almost seemed to be more projected energetically than what was seen physically. She stood about 6 feet tall from my perspective and looked like a smooth and fair-skinned "grey" Alien. Although I knew this was not the case, it is easy to describe it this way. As alien as she looked I started to become calmed by the telepathic voice I heard communicating to me in my head.

"It's ok, dear one, We love you... We come from love"



Now, in no way shape or form did I feel love from being held down against my will as I perceived it but as she stated this in a soft beautiful calming voice I started to feel warm energy rush into my field.

The others stood around me still holding their hands outright and they all looked much shorter, maybe about 4 feet at the tallest, and had a slight blue tint in their skin while the taller female in question was much taller and Silver in color, yet still had a hue of blue, yet light green hues coming through. This could have been the energetic colors in the room.



As I gave in and relaxed and stopped fighting to get loose, I felt her enter my head as if she was downloading information. I could see diagrams and schematics of cells going through mitosis and showing the birth, death, and rebirth again of the smallest microcosmic atom. In this process, it was almost as if she was looking for something but I could not tell due to the influx of images and patterns that I was seeing being transmitted and downloaded into me. Seeing full universes being birthed into existence and to be destroyed and remade again.

During the transmission, I kept hearing a whisper coming from another layer of the telepathy being sent saying, "Ishhhhtaaaar" in a long whisper-like fashion. This overlayed the images that I was seeing.

This became so intense I remember my body starting to feel as if it was shaking and I came back to view the 5 around me again with the Tallest one standing in the middle of the formation around me. The ambient echo of " We love you, we come from love" kept repeating as the vision started to diminish and the view of the room took over. As they stood there the repeating of the phrase continued.


In Front of the tall being which now I considered Ishtar (after being shown how and why in the visions) formed a rotating 8-pointed star or interlocking squares which rotated counterclockwise in this green and blue light at her chest center. This symbol seemed to collapse the experience as they all disappeared into it as to be sucked into a portal.


As they disappeared I was able to move and I "Woke" up. I was able to open my eyes and I shot up out of bed as if it was a dream, although still, there was a mist of smoke in my room and a lingering smell that I could not reference. It was almost like sulfur but had a slight floral hint to it.

I sat up staring at the smoke that was settling more and disappearing and I was in under amazement. Then off to my left, on the side of my head, I felt 3 Beeps form a triangle. I could feel these beeps and sounds as if they were touching me on the left side of my head and could feel them physically make a triangle formation. The smoke diminished instantly after the beeps went off I felt a sense of relief as the smell and energy in the room shifted back to normal. I grabbed my journal and journaled the experience as clearly as I could.

This would not be the last time I would be contacted this way.

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