Royal Lyran Elder : Channeling/Relay

Royal Lyran Elder : Channeling/Relay

"All that light Reaches casts a shadow, yet as one sees a shadow there still exists light. This shadow world for which light casts is but the brightest of light, as in darkness do we see the inner light, the brightest light within the dark.

As you open your eyes you become blinded by a light which anchors you into a left-brain world, a world full of mental and emotional physical manifestation of objects and reflection of others who appear outside of yourself, thus you become another object that casts a shadow within the light. For how bright it is, the light for which you physically see... yet how blind it makes you.

What about this shadow, mirroring the inner worlds which are cast by the light? Through this shadow, you can find the brightest of lights, the most brilliant and truest lights which acts as a dim candle in a sea of black, ever flickering and moving, patiently communicating and whispering form the void, waiting for one to see past the light for which the physical eyes perceive.

As one flips into the self, the shadow in its truest form, one meets their demons, their fear, and the dark which they truly are inside. As this darkness is shined upon, one may find the flickering flame, which ignites into a cosmic whirl wind of light within the inner planes and the veils of physical light and the black light rip away, leaving nothing but the self in the middle of all that is, ever reflecting and absorbing the light of experience.

Rejoice and Sing,

'I AM the Brightest of the Black Light"

Seek, oh adept, through the shadows of the inner worlds, the inner light is but the brightest light, shine forth, do not be deceived by the light of the sun, do not be deceived by the light of the Sons, for yee are all Lions amongst the lambs, through the daughters of man will rise above the sons of man and thus you shall know the inner light of the trinity. No longer shall man be controlled by the illusion of the outer light, but be lead and directed by the brightest of light within the darkness, the inner light whose whispers shall become a roar.

For there shall be heaven, for those who make it within them, yet heaven will never be discovered if one does not know hell. How does one know what heaven is? How does one know what the feeling of heaven emits without knowing the duality which is their hell?

Only through this can one truly know the light of truth. The brightest of light, the shadow, shining forth the true light of self, The Kryst."

Se'Ket El'ahi.

سخت إلهي

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