Craig Williams (Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori)

Craig Williams (Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori)

Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic Sciences, Gnostic Spirituality, and Martial Arts, Craig Williams (Sri Indra Ram-Das Aghori) is also the author of Entering the Desert, Cult of Golgotha, and Tantric Physics Vol. I & 2, and well as numerous articles on health, martial arts, and authentic initiation in the Kali Yuga. Craig also writes various ‘Daily Meditations’ pieces in his Blog: Transmissions from the Kali Yuga (

Craig Williams is an ordained Bishop (Tau Lazarus) with Apostolic Succession. He has a private medical practice in Austin specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Jyotish. He is the recipient of the prestigious Vedakovid and Yogacharya titles awarded by Vamadeva Shastri and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. More information can be found at:

“Craig Williams’ has extensive training and education, a sincere dedication to practice and study, and an ability to distill complex philosophies and practices into accessible and practical wisdom for modern spiritual aspirants. A rising star in the world of esotericism, I highly recommend Craig’s writings and teachings.” – Greg Kaminsky, Host/Founder, Occult of Personality

“I have found Craig to be uniquely qualified and adept not only in Ayurvedic medicine, but in Vedic astrology, Classical Yoga, Vedic science, Vedanta, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and clinical herbalism as well. It is a rare combination that makes his work very special as well as extremely practical. Craig can diagnose and treat imbalance with Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine, adding a proficiency of clinical herbalism to his treatment that has little parallel among Ayurvedic practitioners in the West. He can examine Vedic astrology charts relative to health with clarity and precision, and recommend yoga and meditation practices in-depth for physical, psychological or spiritual purposes.” – David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), American Institute of Vedic Studies

“Unlike many modern-day ‘Vedic prophets’, he is no superficial American who wishes to express or superimpose pasteurised or New-Age pseudo-Vedic wisdom upon the world; his refreshing wisdom reflects that of great lion-hearted Rishis from Vishwamitra and Vasishtha in ancient times to Shankaracharya, Dayananda, Vivekananda Ayurveda and Aurobindo in more recent times, who are echoed in his wise words and personality.” – Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham, Veda Kovid, Author, Agni Rahasya: The Secret of the Celestial Fire in Yoga and Ayurveda.

PUBLISHED WORK: Entering the Desert (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2017), Cult of Golgotha (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2018), Tantric Physics Volume 1 & 2 (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2020).

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