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Magic Squares 101 : Saturn and the 3x3 - Course

Magic Squares 101 : Saturn and the 3x3 - Course

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Discover the secrets of the 3x3 Magic Square in this captivating 2-video series, where you'll unlock the intricate anatomy of this mystical construct and master the art of its operation in both neutral and activated positions. Discussing its profound significance in metaphysics and the occult we will explore its historical roots and foundational principles as elucidated in ancient texts.

Video 1:

  • Unravel the history of Magic Squares in the realm of magic
  • Illuminate the connection between Saturn and the 3x3 Square
  • Explore the fundamental fabric of creation and its symbolic lens
  • Decode the attributes and elemental construction of the 3x3 Square
  • Understand the base population and the process of folding the fabric

Video 2:

  • Recap the insights gained from Day 1
  • Unlock the secrets of opening the Square and populating beyond the base sum
  • Navigate the complexities of even and odd numbers, colors, and number relations
  • Discover the ritualistic applications of the 3x3 Square
  • Explore the distillation of its mystical cells

To make the most of this transformative journey, it's recommended to take thorough notes and have a Squared Notebook and Mechanical pencil on hand for practical application of the methods taught in this course. Embark on a voyage of discovery and mastery that will deepen your understanding of metaphysics and the occult praxis.

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