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Magic Squares 101: Saturn & the 3x3

Magic Squares 101: Saturn & the 3x3

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In this 2 day-recorded workshop you will learn the anatomy of the 3x3 Magic Square and how to properly operate and create them in their closed and opened positions and how they relate to magical operations in metaphysics and the occult.

Throughout this workshop, we will explore its use in history and its foundations in occult books, although the primary focus is learning the mechanics and operation of the 3x3 Square of Saturn and its use in Magical Operation. Using Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew, we will explore the foundational building blocks of the 3x3 and its energetic tie to Saturn. Overall, any gematria system may be used when the base foundations of the creation of the squares are known.

Day 1:

  • History of Magic Squares in Magic
  • Saturn and the 3x3
  • Exploring the Fabric of Creation
  • The Lens and its Focus
  • Attributes of the 3x3
  • Elemental Construction
  • Base Population and the Folding of the Fabric

Day 2:

  • Review of Day 1
  • Opening the Square
  • Populating beyond the base sum
  • Even and Odd Numbers
  • Colors and Number Relations
  • Ritual Use
  • Distillation of the Cells

All attendees should have a square-lined notebook and a pencil to practice building the squares and to take notes for their personal use.

Each day's session is 2 hours long with 1-hour Q&A.

*All classes are recorded for those who attend the live workshop. Only those who attend and/or sign up for the workshop will receive the recorded sessions.

June 23rd & 30th, 2024: 12:00pm CST

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