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Personalized Grimoire - Distillation

Personalized Grimoire - Distillation

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Distillation is the process of purifying and bringing forth the true essence of something. In this process a Spirits name is distilled through Gematria and the Magic Squares and Magical Circles are customized to the specific spirit.

Many when working with a chosen spirit tend to use sigils and various calls to make the connection and draw the essence of the energy closer to the conscious perception. In this process the Name of the spirit is dissected and specific information which may not be readily known is shared. With the name of the spirit the proper elemental, planetary, and magical properties are distilled and many magic squares and circles are created for you to create an advanced operation to the spirit of your choice.

This is a great choice for anyone wanting to gain tighter and closer connection to the patron spirits and guides that they work with. Everything is personalized and the information is not found elsewhere.

This is not a service but an overall magical working with the selected spirit which I will embark upon. To gather all the information it is a timely and patient process. This working may take up to a month to complete from start date. Out of this process a direct and special Grimoire to the spirit is created and you will receive the PDF to utilize how you would like. Typically, these special grimoires are 35-65 pages (although can be shorter or longer) with the option of having them bound in Case-wrap, paperback, or spiral bound. Printed book options are Hand signed and Personalized to the receiver. All covers of printed books will display the square with the spirits name populated into it. Truly a one of a kind book and Grimoire.

All hand done items are included, including squares, distillation of the names, sigils, and energetic properties. This is a hand done working besides the printing and publishing option.

What you receive -

  • Magic Squares in Alpha-numerical (1,2,3 etc) and traditional Arabic. (Can be up to 7 Squares based on planetary influences.)
  • Magical Circle in Arabic or other Celestial Script chosen for the working. Coordinated to connect to the spirits celestial geometry
  • An overview and write up of the spirits properties and ways to connect and work with the intelligence
  • Direct and Unique sigils to the spirit
  • All the angelic, demonic, and energetic double names associated with the spirit. This is used for calling and working with the intended spirit.
  • Activation of items and squares to connect your workings

Because this is a customized book directly to those receiving it please allow process and printing time. Information can not be published outside of Gateway Publications and the Violet Gateway. For personal use only.

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