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Advanced Psychic Protection

Advanced Psychic Protection

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This intensive 4 Week Class explores the basics and advanced practices of Psychic Protection and Stabilizing the Human energy body.

Utilizing meditation and visualization one is taken through the steps to protect not only themselves but their surroundings, house, loved ones, and more. Using specific symbols and Geometry Gridding is expanded upon and how one creates an astral grid over their physical reality.

The topic of Vampyrism is highlighted and what can be done when this is happening and how to combat negative attacks whether they be intentional or unintentional.

Entities and Spirits of various polarities are discussed and what one may see within the astral worlds. Although this is not the end all be all list of such entities, it gives a large expose on what one may expect and how to combat things when and if they arise.

Colors and symbols are the building blocks of reality and this is still true for psychic protection when one needs to protect their mental state and emotional state from infringement.

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