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Esoteric Gematria & Magic Squares

Esoteric Gematria & Magic Squares

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This advanced course on Gematria explores the use of magic squares in history and the forgotten use of operating them. Mentally demanding, this course pushes the mental envelope with mathematics. Proficiency in Math is not a requirement as the methods are not mathematical but show a pattern of creation that works with numbers in a precise manner.

A spirit of choice by you is worked with during this 8 week long working. During this time the Name of the spirit is brought through the use of magic squares and distilled through various forms of name analysis. In this process one also learns the use and construction of magic squares to learn not only the mathematical side of it but the geometrical side and how the energetic gates open within the square.

The exploration of the names, the lines and fabric of the squares themselves, their planetary energy, and how to properly construct each square in multiple ways allows us to see the spirit of choice in a deep and profound way while also having a strong physical presence of the energy behind it. 

Magical operation and the opening of energetic gateways are only done through the numerical field. It is not so much the spoken word but the numerical code behind the words that are spoken. Here is where deep truths reside.

Every name or numerical sequence holds secrets, this is where we explore the names of the names and truly find the Angelic and Demonic intelligence which are behind the "Name".

This class is 8 Weeks Long and is a very intense course which is for advanced practitioners wanting to go deeper with their practice.This is a One on One working with a spirit of your choice. There is warning to this and you are urged to choose diligently. This is when Magic becomes Real and very close to the physical side of reality. You must be open to strong effects of spiritual contact.

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