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Esoteric Mechanics

Esoteric Mechanics

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This intensive four-week class explores the depths of meditation from each layer of consciousness and tunes the mind into deeper states of focus and concentration for visualization, which is an important cornerstone within Magical Practice that is often missed. Meditation works on many levels and is not always about clearing the mind of the clutter but analyzing these thoughts and gaining control over them.

Using visualization methods and symbols the mind is explored into its depths. Because occult practice is hinged on Geometry and the use of shapes the exploration and study of The Circle, The Triangle, and The square in magical operation will create a new viewpoint on the hows and whys of a magical operation. We explore the common underlying metaphysical sciences that are part of every system of magic.

The over-soul and its 12 around 1 formation will be discussed with many slides and images showing how the Over-soul experiences out of the Soul personality in many realities, all of which you are a part of. This gives a large cosmological understanding of your being, and thus the being of God. A deep and concise overview of the energy centers and the energy bodies then leads us into the energy-building exercises which will help with Dreaming and psychic sensitivity training which brings immense depth into learning Out-of-body techniques and lucid dream techniques.

Diet is a large oversight in occult practice and the body is a vessel much like a machine. By understanding diet in relation to the physical body and the energetic body one gains deeper control over their energy. This class is 4 weeks long and includes 4 - 2-hour sessions. These sessions may run later based on questions and answers. Sessions are scheduled 1 on 1.

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