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Esoteric Mechanics

Esoteric Mechanics

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Embark on a transformative journey through our intensive four-week class, designed to explore meditation's profound depths across various layers of consciousness. Discover the art of tuning the mind into deeper states of focus and concentration, unlocking the power of visualization—an essential cornerstone often overlooked in Magical Practice.

Using visualization techniques and symbols, we delve into the labyrinth of the mind's depths. Explore the intricate connection between occult practice and Geometry, unraveling the mysteries of The Circle, The Triangle, and The Square in magical operations. Gain a fresh perspective on the fundamental metaphysical sciences underlying every system of magic.

Expanding into the fascinating concept of the Over-soul and its intricate formation of 12 around 1, as we unveil the cosmic interconnectedness of your existence and its profound implications. A comprehensive exploration of energy centers and bodies sets the stage for energy-building exercises, enhancing Dreaming and psychic sensitivity training. Dive deep into the realms of Out-of-body techniques and lucid dream techniques for deep self-discovery.

Recognizing the pivotal role of diet in occult practice, we illuminate the significance of nourishing both the physical and energetic bodies. Gain mastery over your energy and deepen your control through a comprehensive understanding of diet's impact on your holistic well-being.

This four-week journey comprises four 2-hour sessions, with flexibility for extended discussions based on questions and answers. Sessions are tailored to each individual (1 on 1 sessions), offering personalized guidance and support along the way. 

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