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Esoteric Symbols and Alphabets

Esoteric Symbols and Alphabets

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In this 6 Week Class, we will explore the Magical use of the Zeta Malik Script and its relations to Semitic scripts and alphabets including Hebrew and Arabic. The unfolding of both Semitic ABJD systems shows a common link yet a forgotten synergy within a magical operation.

The letters hold ancient and metaphysical knowledge and with this knowledge one embarks upon charting their own script with the use of shadow formations of the letters linking them deeper into the depths of the mind. Many meditations and Dream techniques to connect to ones own personal script will be deeply focused upon.

The Zeta Malik Script and its use in telepathy and electrical projection is explored. Meditations and Visualizations guide the process of connecting to this ET script and hinges to known earth languages readily spoken today.

Through this, the aspirant learns how to create and make their own system of magic and utilize the knowledge to tighten their own energetic orbit within the cosmos. The Aspirant is urged to seek within themselves and anchor their own set of symbols. This is a journey of self discovery and not purely focused on academics but applicable and workable metaphysics.  

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