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Frequency Scan : Name Analysis

Frequency Scan : Name Analysis

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Using your Birth name, the 3 levels of your consciousness are tapped into using a unique numeric, astral, and automatic writing technique, that deeply explains the emotions and mental patterns behind each level of consciousness.

  • First name – Conscious Mind

  • Middle Name – Sub Conscious Mind

  • Last Name – Super Conscious Mind

Tapping into specific energies and archetypes seen within deep meditation and trance, the base frequency is reported on, allowing you to see deep levels of your personality that you may have not shined light upon.

In simple terms, Your soul personality is laid out in front of you and broken down into key emotional and mental patterns by tapping into the frequency of your birth name. Knowing this, allows you to better know yourself at a mental and emotional level. Allowing you to become aware of triggers or personality aspects which have kept your experience stagnant or perhaps always creating a circle of similar experiences.

This is not a love and fluff reading, this is deep and is meant to show both the light and dark of your soul personality, and what YOU can do to advance yourself. Typically, each report is 5 – 10 pages typed (this length depends on if there are past lives need to be noted. You will also receive the original hand done report as is used to tap into your frequency. Full transparency, you will get to see the process and see the original energy and technique involved. Beyond an in-depth report on your soul personality, you will also receive a unique code and meditation to help activate DNA information within you.

This meditation is explained in depth and shown how to apply visually for best results. This is unique to your energy and is like knowing the password to the computer file that has deep information hidden inside Additionally, a Specialized Sigil Meditation Grid is created based on the information in the report which can be used as a meditative tool to dive deeper into yourself and spiritual practice You will be asked to submit - Full Birth Name - As displayed on your birth certificate Birthday (and time if known)

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