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Intro to Occult Meditation - Asaya Ka Luxa

Intro to Occult Meditation - Asaya Ka Luxa

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For 3 powerful days (one day a week, 3 weeks total) the process of occult meditation and the utilization of the human energy field is traversed upon.This information presented will expound on the practices within the book Asaya Ka Luxa. This Conference style online class will also include a power point presentation to follow along with which will utilize visuals and music to bring a powerful experience to the class. This is a One on One Class, although group options are available.

In this class you will learn -

1. What Occult Meditation and Visualization Is and how it is Beneficial.

2. How Occult Meditation is different than normal meditation.

3. The proper use and details of the "Chakra" System

4. How to properly apply release work to strengthen your workings

5. Powerful ways to enter into deep states of meditation and focus

6. Utilizing the Trinity of - Color, Archetype, and Tone

7. DNA and Cellular Memory

7. Daily exercises to perform

Each day is 2 hours plus 1 hour Question and Answers. This class is great for those who would like to utilize the book Asaya Ka Luxa in a more applicable setting and have guidance in the techniques and practices in the book. For those who do not have Asaya Ka Luxa the class covers much of the materiel in the book so having a hard copy is not needed. This allows one to take notes and learn even if they do not have the title.

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