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Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

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Personal consultations are 1 Hour email, Skype, or phone discussions. These discussions are about you, and tailored to open pathways in your life and help you heal older aspects of yourself and bring you to new pathways in your own life.

Receiving a personal consultation you can ask what ever questions you may have about spirituality pertaining to you; experiences, traumas, decisions, family, Spiritual techniques and practices, etc.

This is not a psychic reading, but a means to guide you stronger on your path and self realization.

Personal consultations are suppose to be personal, and help shine light on things in your life and help you further along the path of self mastery.

You will be asked to submit - 

Full Birth Name - As displayed on your birth certificate 

Birthday (and time if known)

An email will be sent and this information will be needed before the consultations.

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