Classes and Workshops

Esoteric and Metaphyiscal classes to enhance your personal spiritual practice.

Magic Squares 101: Saturn & the 3x3

In this 2 day-recorded workshop you will learn the anatomy of the 3x3 Magic Square and how to properly operate and create them in their closed and opened positions and how they relate to magical operations in metaphysics and the occult.

June 23rd & 30th, 2024: 12:00pm CST

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Intro to Occult Meditation

For 3 powerful days (one day a week, 3 weeks total) the process of occult meditation and the utilization of the human energy field is traversed upon.This information presented will expound on the practices within the book Asaya Ka Luxa.

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Esoteric Mechanics

This intensive 4 Week Class explores the depths of meditation from each layer of consciousness and tunes the mind into deeper states of focus and concentration for visualization, which is an important cornerstone within Magical Practice that is often missed.

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Esoteric Symbols and Alphabets

In this 6 Week Class, we will explore the Magical use of the Semitic scripts and alphabets including Hebrew and Arabic and their use in Magic. The unfolding of both Semitic ABJD systems shows a common link yet a forgotten synergy within a magical operation.

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Esoteric Gematria & Magic Squares

This advanced course on Gematria explores the use of magic squares in
history and the forgotten use of operating them. Mentally demanding,
this course pushes the mental envelope with mathematics. Proficiency in
Math is not a requirement as the methods are not mathematical but show a
pattern of creation that works with numbers in a precise manner.

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